Sprucing up your space often takes more than a fresh coat of paint or new furniture. The secret ingredient to give your place the envisioned transformation is in your choice of tiles. From the classic marble look to the bold storm look, there is a look for every persona. Let’s uncover the best tile combinations for your next shower and bathroom renovation project.

  1. The Classic Marble Look

An all-time favorite, the Classic Marble look never goes out of style, perfectly blending luxury with elegance. One product winning the hearts of our customers is the Daltile RevoTile Marble Look Porcelain Tile 12×24. Its fine veining and rich palette give your space the aesthetic edge that is bound to impress. Complementing the marble look, Marble Systems Allure Multi Finish Kent Mosaic in Snow White is a sight to behold. Backed up by grouting, this tile adds a distinct touch to your interiors, emanating a sense of refinement. It’s very elegant and the large format tiles will make the shower more spacious and easier to maintain. Just remember, all marble, whether it’s used for flooring or walls, must be sealed properly. Please refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for instructions.

Marble Systems Allure Snow White Kent Mosaic Sample Daltile Revolite Marble Look Porcelain Tile Bathroom Floor

  1. The Timeless Subway Look

Choosing the Timeless Subway look for your bathroom is like creating your own haven of tranquility and simplicity. One of our favorite products is Bedrosians Marin Pearl White Subway Tile exemplify subdued magnificence. Its elongated shape can be installed in many ways, horizontally which is more traditional, or vertically in a stacked fashion, which is a very popular trend recently. Grouted for maximized effect, this tile suits every space. Adding a twist to the classic subway style is the Marble Systems Atelier Collection Silver Clouds with Raya Basket. This is the ideal choice for those looking to sport a modern vibe with a traditional twist. The herringbone layout is seen in many modern designs and with a mix of color variations in marble, you can create a beautiful shower floor. As we mentioned earlier, we recommend referring to the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper sealing and maintenance of all marble stone products.

Bedrosians Marin Pearl White Subway Tile Sample Marble Systems Atelier Collection Silver Clouds with Raya Basket Herringbone Design

  1. The Dark Masculine Mountain Look

For those looking to add a strong masculine ambiance to a room, the Dark Masculine Mountain look is your answer. Happy Floors Utah Slate 12×24 presents a stone replica porcelain tile that mirrors the ruggedness of mountains. With its natural finish and matt look, your shower will make you feel closer to nature. Tis tile can be used on the floor, or as a feature wall in the bathroom space. Perfectly complimenting it, Soho Studio Pebblestone in Brambanan Grey, and the Barbie Kennedy Design Honed Storm Limestone tile, provide the perfect blend of rugged charm and sophistication for the modern home.

Soho Studio Pebblestone in Brambanan Grey Happy Floors Utah Slate 12x24 Slate Look Tile with Pebblestones & Natural Stone Tile

  1. The Uplifted Natural Look

Reflect the serenity of nature into your home with the Uplifted Natural look. Happy Floors Glaciar & Glaciar 2.0 Textured Tile graced with a unique textured finish, adds a soothing appeal to your space. These fabulous 12”x36” tiles elongate your space and feature very organic, feminine curves. The complete opposite of the previous look. Team it up with Marble Systems Calacatta Amber Honed 2 inch Hexagon Mosaic, and your home will radiate a bright, airy atmosphere. Natural elegance of the marble and the waves or leaves design of the longer tiles complement each other very well for any size of the shower. For the ceramic tile, we recommend sealing it right after installation, following up with additional sealing annually. Marble tiles also must be sealed after installation.

Marble Systems Calacatta Amber Honed 2 inch Hexagon Mosaic sample Happy Floors Glacial & Glaciar Uplifted Feminine Tile Combination

  1. The Coastal Aqua Look

Splash a wave of freshness onto your walls or floors with the Coastal Aqua look. The Riad Aqua Zellige Tile, grouted to enhance its visual appeal, looks stunning. The beauty of this traditional Moroccan tile is in its imperfection. Each square of this clay tile will be a little bit different in color. Another great thing about this, it’s easy to install and zellige tiles can be laid edge to edge with almost no grout spacing. Just like the waters of the Emerald Coast, this tile perfectly embodies the coastal feel of the area. Equal credit goes to Jasba Loop Penny round Mosaic in Elfenbein Ivory. This tile permeates a soothing coastal vibe right into your rooms.

Agave Blue Zellige Tile Coastal Tile Combination Jasba Loop Penny round Mosaic in Elfenbein Ivory Sample

  1. The Bold Nature Storm Look

If you’re ready to make a statement, the Bold Nature Storm look is your go-to. Happy Floors Exotic Stone Porcelain in Lagoon Natural 12×24 strikes the right chord in portraying your bold and fearless personality. It comes in 12”x24” tiles and has stunning details. Its striking design will make your shower or bathroom look amazing. Equally strong and alluring is Marble Systems Sensu Matte Ceramic 6×6 Tiles. Enhance the aesthetic of your living space by trying something unconventional yet charming. Porcelain tiles are a great choice for bathroom flooring and shower walls. It’s stain and water resistant due to its denser construction.

Bold Nature Look Shower Combination Marble Systems Sensu Matte Ceramic 6x6 Tiles Livingroom Wall Marble Systems Sensu Matte Ceramic 6x6 Tiles Sample Happy Floors Exotic Stone Porcelain in Lagoon Natural 12x24 Sample

To learn how these styles work in your space, watch the full video that we put together with interior designer Laura Jansone on our YouTube channel. You are always welcome to stop by Renovation Flooring design showroom and see all of these looks in person.

Characterize your spaces with a persona that best defines you. Navigate your style with our curated list of featured products. Remember, your space is the canvas and you the artist. Happy decorating!